July 4, 2022

For centuries, rose water has been a part of every household around the world. Rosewater is made using rose petals and water. Except for its medicinal and beauty properties, it is also popular due to its sweet scent. From being antioxidant to ant-aging, it is a complete package for healthy skin and body. Let’s discuss a few benefits of using rose water in a day to day life.


Maintains Skin Natural pH Level

Soaps are usually harsh on the face with a higher pH level. The same goes for the tap water. Here, if rose water is used just after the bath, which has a pH value around 5.0-5.5, it can help in maintaining the pH balance for the skin. Just keep a sprinkler bottle in your shower area or on your dressing table and spray to keep your skin shining and peppy. Are they any Side Effects of Rose Water if not used properly? If there is no allergic reaction after application within 24 hours, it seems safe for your body.


Hydrates The Skin

The human body is made up of 70-80% water. It is the utmost priority to keep our body hydrated and not to leave the skin behind as well. After the bath and before the bed if rose water is applied on the skin regularly then it hydrates the skin from within. Rosewater also has inflammatory properties. It soothes the itchy and irritated skin. It works as a great toner and helps in pulling out excessive oil & dirt from the pores of the skin.


It Boosts The Mood

Rosewater has a very sweet scent which helps in lifting the mood. It can be inhaled in light headache, in times of grief, depression, and anxiety. It provides a calming effect and refreshes the mood. It helps in mood stabilization.


It is the ultimate guard

Rose Water is antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic.

  • Rosewater drops can be used for the eyes to keep them healthy and keep the infections away.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help in providing a cooling effect to the eyes and skin.
  • Rosewater works as an anti-aging agent by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Being an antioxidant it helps in regenerating skin tissues and strengthening the skin cells. It refreshes the skin.
  • Regular usage of it on the skin brings out its antifungal and antibacterial properties. It helps in reducing acne and avoids future breakouts.
  • Rosewater also works as antiseptic or minor cuts and burns on the skin.


The abundance of Vitamin C

Rosewater contains high vitamin C as its organic compound. We all aware of how important Vitamin C is for all of us. From healthy skin to healthy body, from skin cells to nails cells, from wrinkle prevention to UV protection, it helps us in maintaining balance everywhere. Adding a few drops of water is your juices or tea can help in boosting your energy.


No More Frizzy Hair

Rosewater can be used to treat dry scalp and frizzy hair. It can be mixed with glycerine in equal parts and applied on the scalp an hour before the head bath. Over a while, visible results can be expected. Rosewater if applied alone on the scalp, then it works as a cleanser to the scalp and prevents dandruff. So, once done with these little remedies, there are no more frizzy hair and dry scalp.


Helps in Digestion & Menstrual Pain

Rosewater contains healthy amino acids and antioxidants. It eases menstrual pain and digestive discomfort. Menstrual pain can limit day to day activities and even work life. The same goes for digestive discomfort. Long hours of desk job or lack of physical exercise in life can lead to indigestion. Adding a few drops of rose water in tea or juices can help one to get relief from these obstacles.


Oral Health

Recent researches have shown that rose water can be added to our routine as a mouthwash. If the gums are inflamed then due to its inflammatory properties, it can provide relief. It also strengthens the gums and keeps them healthy. Most of the mouthwashes available in the market contain harmful chemicals. As a healthy and natural alternative, rose water can be used as the mouthwash. It can be used twice a day, once before the bath, and then before bed. Just swish it around in your mouth and have healthy gums with a pleasant smell in your mouth.

Beauties, here we had some information for you on a secret but the most effective beauty ingredient. A few drops here and there and it works like a magic wand on your overall wellbeing. If you don’t want to be dependent on commercial rose water available in the market, then you can also make one for yourself at home with the roses available in your kitchen garden. I hope these simple remedies help you in strengthening your skin from within and glowing outside. Stay Gorgeous!